Our Process

Apex Removable Covers puts the customer first. We look at the customer needs, analyze the proposed product, then develop a plan to execute the product the customer is requesting!

After reviewing the specs, measurements, and site requirements, we utilize a 3D CAD program to create a model of the item to be covered. After we have created the model, we utilize an unfolding program to put the markings for cuts, sew lines, and buckles. Based on the customer’s requirement and application, we pick the fabrics, Insulation material and threads for use. This is one of the most important stages. We utilize different materials and threading depending on the environment, operating temperature, and site requirements. Then our team goes to work sewing the materials together to create the custom-fitted cover. When the product has been completed it is then reviewed by the lead production specialist and our production manager for quality control. If the cover fails quality control, the item is reviewed before it is packed for delivery.

Our Process


  • Communicate with customer
  • Obtain drawings, specs, or field measure safely
  • Create quote, send to customer, and collaborate
  • If quote is accepted, request a PO


  • Design assembly in CAD
  • Create unfold from 3D Design
  • Print template from design
  • Quality check all information


  • Safety Check
  • Cut specified fabrics with pattern
  • Mark fabric for assembly according to design
  • Quality Check all labeling is correct


  • Safety Check
  • Sew fabric with specified thread
  • Quality check marks match the design
  • Quality check products are securely assembled per design


  • Safety check
  • Quality check, clean dust off the product
  • Bag, box, or pallet order and compare with packing slip
  • Delivery or shipping agreed upon in the quote


  • Send invoice from quote, plus any approved extra work
  • Follow up with client once the order is correct
  • Close job in Apex Systems
  • Send out customer satisfaction survey