Removable Covers

Operational efficiency is vital to the success of your business. Removable reusable insulation covers minimize energy waste and labor while increasing safety. Parts can be inspected, repaired, moved, and manipulated without replacing or re-insulating, further benefiting your profit margin. Plus, there’s no need to interrupt the operation of equipment for servicing purposes. Apex Removable Covers manufactures customized insulation covers for commercial and industrial applications, perfectly accommodating your specific needs.

Removable Insulation Cover Design

If you’re considering the many advantages of removable insulation covers, custom fit ensures operational excellence. Always putting quality first, Apex Removable Covers utilizes a 3d CAD program to develop a design and create a model. Precision markings for cuts, sew lines, and buckles are made through a progressive program. Insulation material, threading, and outside materials are chosen according to the environment, operating temperature, and site demands. Your custom cover is locally sewn, reviewed by both our lead production specialists and production manager, and once verified, shipped and delivered on time.

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Our removable insulation covers work to regulate the temperature inside pipes, prevent sweating and freezing, combat corrosion, and lengthen the lifespan of machinery. Noise levels produced by machinery are reduced, creating a quieter and more productive work environment. Avoiding condensation that can create slippery floor surfaces and providing a barrier between employees and hot pieces of equipment increases safety. Contact Apex Removable Covers for an honest quote, competitive pricing, and a job done right to fit tight anywhere across the greater Farmington Hills area.